Free Bible Study on Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon Bible Study

In this small group Bible study on Song of Solomon, we get to peek into an ancient conversation between two starstruck lovers who recently tied the knot in marriage. These lovey-dovey messages appear in an Old Testament book called “Song of Solomon.” It chronicles the romantic exchange between Solomon and his new bride.

Here is a warning. Some of these verses may make you blush. After all, you are reading the words of a young married couple in their honeymoon phase. They say exactly what they are feeling, and sometimes it’s a bit PG-13.  

While some of these words may make you squirm, I believe God wanted Song of Solomon in the Bible to remind us that romance is good, that it’s God’s design, and He desires His people to experience the life-changing blessing of a healthy relationship. Together, we are going to explore modern lessons from ancient love letters.

Part 1: Solomon’s Love Letters

As we dive into the first chapter of a Jewish love poem, we are going to see three traits of God-honoring romantic relationships. Simply put, these are the three qualities of a high-quality partner. Solomon and his bride will show you how your partner should have character that you respect, they should respect you, and they should respect God.

Scripture: Song of Solomon 1:2-3; 1:7; 3:5-6; 3:8-9

Part 2: Seasons of Love

In the second love letter within Song of Solomon, the poets leverage spring-like language to compare the sparks in their relationship to the changing of the seasons. Going back and forth, their poem paints pictures of fruits, flowers, trees, and the arrival of spring as a direct parallel to the new and exciting season they are stepping into as a couple. This passage reveals three significant seasons that every relationship will go through: The Single Season, the Honeymoon Season, and the Discovery Season.

Scripture: Song of Solomon 2:8-16


So far, our journey through Solomon’s love letters has been so sweet you need a glass of milk. The pages have been packed with pet names, loving encouragements, and the kind of romance that puts butterflies in your stomach. It’s been like a Hallmark movie — adorable, predictable, and overwhelmingly happy. All of that is about to change. 

Real relationships are more than walks on the beach, tagged Instagram posts, cute texts, and holding hands. Conflict is inevitable. Disagreements will happen. Tension can take time to resolve. That’s where real love gets put to the test. We are about to watch some conflict unfold in Solomon’s love letters. The honeymooning couple is about to get into their first fight. While this story is thousands of years old, it still reveals two timeless causes of conflict: Assumptions and Reactions.

Scripture: Song of Solomon 5:2-8

Part 4: Finding the One your Soul Loves

With beautiful imagery, Song of Solomon tells the story of this couple’s wedding day. Yes, their outfits were gorgeous. Yes, the carriage sounds grand. And yes, I am sure their playlist was popping. However, I want to focus on a repeated phrase in this chapter. She celebrates, “I sought him who my soul loves.” How beautiful is that thought? 

When you are looking for “the one your soul loves,” then you should be looking for these three traits: They help you grow spiritually, they help you develop personally, and they pursue Jesus as they pursue you.

Scripture: Song of Solomon 3:1-10

Note: This small group Bible Study on Song of Solomon is based on a free sermon series! Click here to view the Song of Solomon Sermon Script.

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