Here Is a Free, Ready-to-Implement Growth Track Curriculum

Our culture is obsessed with growth. If you want proof, go and look at trending podcasts.

You’ll see eye-catching titles like these:
Grow your social influence with these life hacks.
Grow your wealth with bitcoin.
Grow your church with this framework.

Growth isn’t a bad thing. Growth means development. Growth means impact.
Especially when talking about church growth!

More people attending your church is a huge win, because more people leads to more impact. Every person that walks through those doors represents a journey that can be radically changed by the message of Jesus.
Shoot, the Bible has a whole book called numbers — that talks about numerical growth.

Here is the danger though.
We need to think about growing our people just as much as our population. If you focus on developing your people with growth-minded tools, then the church will naturally develop. A healthy church full of growing people will be a growing church, because your congregation will take ownership of the mission.

We must put intentional systems in place that empower our congregations to move from sitting to serving to sold-out. This is why we came up with Growth Track.

We divided our Growth Track framework into three steps:

This package is ready for you to download and implement next week! You will receive a sermon script, small group curriculum, Bible reading plan, branding bundle, and social media support graphics for each step.

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