Here Is a Free, Ready-to-Implement Growth Track Curriculum

What is a church growth track?

A church growth track is a clear path for your attendees to get more connected and committed to your community. Our 3-part Growth Track is an intentional, ready-to-implement strategy that will help your people commit to community groups, serving, generosity, and a deeper sense of purpose. The system consists of three interactive classes that should be offered to anyone in your church who would like to get more plugged in. 

Why Should your church use a Growth Track Curriculum?

Our culture is obsessed with growth. If you want proof, go and look at trending podcasts.

You’ll see eye-catching titles like these:
Grow your social influence with these hacks.
Help your wealth grow with bitcoin.
Grow your church with this framework.

Growth isn’t a bad thing. Growth means development. It means impact! Especially when talking about church growth! More people attending your church is a huge win because more people leads to more impact. Every person that walks through those doors represents a journey that can be radically changed by the message of Jesus.

Here is the danger though. We need to think about growing our people just as much as our population. If you focus on developing your people with growth-minded tools, then the church will naturally develop. A healthy church full of growing people will be a growing church, because your congregation will take ownership of the mission.

We must put intentional systems in place that empower our congregations to move from sitting to serving to sold-out. This is why we came up with this Growth Track!

Here is how the church growth track breaks down:

Part 1: Connect

In session 1, you will get to know the church attendees who will be participating in the Growth Track over the next three weeks while introducing them to your church’s people, programs, and purpose. By the end of session one, every person in the Growth Track will know more about who you are as a church and what opportunities they have to make deeper connections. 

Part 2: Community

In session 2, you will help people take their next step of joining a small group or community ministry within your church. By the end of session 2, every person in Growth Track will be aware of the small groups, prayer groups, Bible study groups, and other unique ministries that your church offers. 
Call to Action: Everyone should fill out a Groups Connect Card before they leave this session so you can follow-up with them about joining a group that is the right fit for them. 

Part 3: Contribute

In session 3, you will help everyone determine what gifts God has given them and how they could best use those gifts to serve. Session 3 sets everyone up to complete the “Finding Your Purpose” devotional and workbook to help them determine where God is calling them to serve.
Call to Action: Everyone should be encouraged to complete the “Finding Your Purpose” devotional and workbook and fill out a Serving Connect Card.

The Church growth track curriculum includes:
  • 3 editable session scripts for pastors to lead each session
  • Interactive discussion questions for each sessions
  • A workbook designed to help people discover their purpose by exmining their spiritual gifts, life experiences, and core values.
  • A ready-to-print workbook for each session
  • Ready-to-print connect cards to collect information for follow-up from each session
  • 4 samples of other church’s growth tracks for inspiration

We also made a 6-part growth track just for students! Click here to view the Youth Ministry Growth Track.

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  1. I would like a copy of the growth track curriculum please and thank you.

  2. Jasmin Maldonado
    we are a small church that is looking for a system to connect people and to grow spiritually and in numbers.

  3. Hello,
    I feel the Growth Track would be an amazing opportunity for us to use to help build up our Volunteer system in our small church community. Can I please get an emailed version of this.

    Thank you

  4. Hi Tamara! You can download the growth track using the button on this page but I will email you the growth tracks now as well. God bless.

  5. please send this curriculum to my email and God blessed you in jesus name.

  6. I am sending you a copy your email, Timothy! God bless! – Jackson

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