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Jesus was the worldu2019s greatest story teller. 2,000 years ago Jesus used stories to illustrate his messages, and he is still telling stories today u2014 stories of redemption, breakthrough, healing, and freedom. Jesus is writing these stories through your church. Your community can better participate in the story God is sharing through your church by utilizing social media. Let us empower your ministry to use tools like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email to gain exposure in your area and communicate with your members.n

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We will provide your church with a free website. No strings attached. A great website goes beyond just providing information on the web. It inspires. It turns visitors into members. It keeps existing members coming back. It engages with an on-going dialog. We have created a WordPress template that is totally customizable and absolutely free. We will personally train and equip your church with the tools to make a massive impact on the web.

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We will put a team of professionals together to run and manage your churchu2019s online presence.u2028For Ministry Resources recognizes that many churches donu2019t have the time or staff available to manage the demands of maintaining a digital presence on the internet. Let us partner with you and take care of your digital technology needsu2014for free.

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Building a quality website is expensive. Hiring a graphic designer is expensive. Our team feels called to share our gifts of digital design with you. Our income is received from our ministryu2019s donors, not our partners. When you partner with us, you can receive a free website, stunning design projects, effective growth campaigns, and custom graphics that can be shared on Facebook and Instagram. n