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The love of Jesus is radical. He pushes past personality types, personal opinions, and even prejudice. Jesus loves people that culture turns their backs on. This includes the marginalized, disenfranchised, and ostracized. Jesus loves them; Jesus died for them; and Jesus pursues them. You have never laid eyes on a person that Jesus didn’t love. In this series, we will study three stories that exemplify the radical love of Jesus, and learn how to apply the same lens of love to our own lives.


Sermon Series: ‘Radical Love’ includes 3 sermon scripts to help you teach students about the power and persistence of God’s love.

Small Group Series: ‘Radical Love of Jesus’ includes written messages and small group discussion guides that can be used in conjunction with the ‘Radical Love’ sermon series, or as four stand-alone small groups.

Devotional: The Mark Devotional is an 18-day devotional that walks students through the Gospel of Mark as they explore who Jesus is and how Jesus loves them.

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For more youth series like this, check out our CIRCLES curriculum: A Year’s Worth of Free Sermon Series, Small Groups & Devotionals for Youth Ministry. Click here to view the full CIRCLES curriculum calendar and download sermon outlines, small group discussion guides and devotionals all for free.

4 Comments on “Free Youth Series on God’s Love”

  1. I teach children, youth and collegiate one-on-one discipleship and small groups on Sunday mornings. Two are conducted by phone using GroupMe for visual aid and one via Zoom due to the pandemic. Not only did the young people love the sermon series (though taught as a lesson) on Radical Love and the Power of Words, but it also spoke to me each and every time. I taught each lesson three times over the course of three weeks to the various groups, so I was able to make minor adjustments along the way. Kainos Community Church is very grateful for the free curriculum. We are a small church with a big heart seeking excellence in Christian education. We have found a treasure in this website and these resources.

  2. So happy to hear that, Dr Draw-Hood! Let us know if we can ever help in any way! Just prayed for your ministry! – Jackson from FMR

  3. Very happy to hear that the community church is very grateful for the free curriculum we are a small church with a big heart seeking excellence in a Christian education we grow as a Christian life and leave on this earth.

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