The Pastor Circle: A Virtual Small Group for Pastors

You are the inspiration behind The Pastor Circle

The work you do for Jesus, the Church, and your community is incredible. You’re leading people towards a life-giving relationship with God. You’re fostering a community where people can experience the hope and love of Christ. And you’re leading a ministry full of diverse staff, volunteers, families, and missions. There is an undeniable beauty, fulfillment, and honor in your God-given calling to pastor your ministry.

However, it can be hard sometimes, can’t it?

Leading a ministry also comes with stresses and pressures that deeply impact your church life, personal life, and spiritual life. Pastors need to be able to address their struggles with an understanding support system to deal with pastoral pressures in healthy ways. That’s why the Pastor Circle exists. You’re why the Pastor Circle exists.

The Pastor Circle

Over the last year, we asked ourselves, ‘how can we serve pastors more personally?” The Pastor Circle is the answer.

It’s a virtual small group community of pastors who understand what you’re going through and want to offer you godly support and guidance. We meet on Zoom once a month to listen to a short devotional and topic introduction, followed by small group discussion.

We understand that some pastoral issues cannot be discussed in a public forum, which is why all Pastor Circle members are also provided with a Chaplain who offers free and confidential one-on-one support. You can virtually meet with your Chaplain on a regular basis, or whenever you are seeking guidance. Throughout the month we stay in touch through the Pastor Chat to connect, pray for each other and ask for/provide advice.

Our Connection to the Pastor Circle

For Ministry Resources began in 2016 when a nonprofit called Leaders Following Christ encouraged a small team of Bible College students and creatives to use their gifts to serve local pastors. The growth and impact of this ministry, and the stories of how you’ve used FMR’s free resources to lead people to Christ, has fueled Leaders Following Christ’s passion for serving ministry leaders.

Leaders Following Christ started FMR and the nonprofit still funds and manages our ministry — allowing us give all our resources away for free.

Leaders Following Christ’s newest ministry, LFC circles, has established the Pastor Circle and it is one more amazing resource that we can give to you. We’d encourage all pastors who are seeking extra support and guidance to try the Pastor Circle virtual small group.