Free Youth Series on Song of Solomon


This youth series on Song of Solomon will teach your students what healthy, God-honoring relationships should look like.

Love letters are great, aren’t they? Whether it’s a note passed in class, a bold text followed by a typing bubble, or a cheesy anniversary card sent in the mail, writing back and forth during young love is a right of passage. It’s that way now, and it’s been that way since the invention of language.

In this series, we get to peek into an ancient conversation between two starstruck lovers who recently tied the knot. It chronicles the romantic exchange between Solomon and his new bride. While some of these words may make you squirm, I believe God wanted Song of Solomon in the Bible to remind us that romance is good. It’s God’s design. God desires His people to experience the life-changing blessing of a healthy relationship. Together, we are going to explore modern lessons from ancient love letters.

Warning: Some of these verses may make you blush. After all, you are reading the words of a young married couple in their honeymoon phase. They say exactly what they are feeling, and sometimes it’s a bit PG-13. If you are looking for a youth series on love and dating for a younger audience, check out this youth series on relationships. For a more basic series on God’s love, check out this youth series on the Radical Love of Jesus.


Sermon Series: This 4-part sermon series on Song of Solomon will help students learn what healthy, God-honoring relationships look like.

Small Group Guides: This 4-part written message series and small group discussion guide can be used in conjunction with the “Song of Solomon” sermon series, or as four stand-alone small groups.

Devotional on 1 Corinthians 13: This devotional works through the famous “love chapter” in 1 Corinthians. This passage is so much bigger than weddings, it’s packed full of valuable lessons for everyday life.

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