3 Ideas for Your Easter Sermon Series

According to the internet, a “Chreaster” is one who only attends church twice a year: on Christmas, and on Easter.


This tradition of going to church on the holidays means that you will have new guest and families coming through the doors of your church this Easter. It is crucial that you see this time for its potential to bring people to Christ and change lives through your Easter sermon- don’t just bring out the same sermon you’ve been preaching since before Al Gore invented the internet.
This is the challenge of the season for every pastor, how do you see the Easter story through new eyes every year? When you are dealing with some of the most familiar Bible stories, it is a struggle to teach and present them in new and exciting ways.
Here are a few ideas from our team to help give you some fresh perspective:

mistrial copy

(Free to use from forministryresources.com)
Basic Topic: There are actually many different reasons that Jesus trial was unfair and illegal according to the customs of the time. Choose from a few of these reasons while walking through the trial and providing context while connecting the story to today’s culture.
Possible Titles: The Mistrial of Jesus Christ, Trial by Midnight


Sample Month Long Outline:
-Bribing Judas: Jesus arrested in an unfair environment
-The Night Proceedings: The Sanhedrin illegally convicts Jesus under the cover of darkness
-False Witnesses: Witnesses changed Jesus words to use them against him
-A Biased Jury: Not all members of the Sanhedrin were present to vote against the false charges



Basic Topic: A series on the enemies that Jesus faced and defeated, such as temptation, sinful culture, false witnesses- ultimately concluding on Easter morning with Jesus defeating death.
Possible Titles: Victory, Jesus Vs., Death Defeated, More Than a Man
Sample Month Long Outline:
-Jesus Vs. Temptation: Jesus defeated temptation from the devil in the desert
-Jesus Vs. Culture: How Jesus treatment of those around him defied culture
-Jesus Vs. Death: The easter morning sermon, Jesus’ defeat of death and what that means for us



(From La Sierra University Church in Riverside, CA)


Basic Topic: An observation of grief through the eyes of those who mourned Christs death.
Possible Titles: Grieve, Living in Light of Death


Sample Month Long Outline:
-The Disciples: those who flee from grief
-The Mockers: when faith is removed from the grieving process
-John, the disciple: a faith that goes against the flow


If you like any of these ideas, shoot us a message here and we will design a free custom graphic and provide social media content for you to spread awareness of your Easter teaching. Let’s work together to make this the best Easter your ministry has ever experienced!

Sarah Rose DeVoe was born in Vermont, is an alumni of Word of Life Bible Institute, and is now a senior at Davis College in New York. She grew up in Jos, Nigeria, and has no idea how to answer the question, “Where are you from?” She loves taking pictures, discovering new shows, and considers herself a cat person.