Bible Study on Anxiety and Stress (Free)

Anxiety is a bully. By using the magic of your imagination, anxiety can make your heart race and your palms sweat. It transforms simple tasks into mammoth responsibilities. It encourages us to put off responsibility for months until even starting the task seems impossible. Sometimes it makes us lie awake all night thinking about past mistakes or the worst-case scenario for the future. 

Anxiety rears its ugly head when we face stress at school, conflict within personal relationships, pain from past experiences, fear about a future event, or even just a general sense of uncertainty. We know how it starts, but how do we make it stop? 

Here is a free Bible Study on anxiety and stress for your youth group.

As your students face anxiety and stress, it’s critical that you help them understand and overcome these feelings in healthy ways. That’s why we created this free Bible Study on anxiety and stress for middle-high school students.

Part 1: When Anxiety Attacks

Paul gives us the ingredients for inner-peace while he’s imprisoned and writing to his friends in Philippi. His advice is two-fold. When anxiety attacks, we have two weapons: prayer and thanksgiving.
Scripture: Philippians 4:6-7

Part 2: How to Transform your Thinking

As Paul lays out the pathway to peace for his friends in Phillipi, he encourages them to break negative thought patterns. He encourages them to replace negative thoughts with positive virtues. “Whatever is true, noble, pure, right, admirable and lovely — think on these things,” Paul elaborates. This passage offers a replacement for mental torment. We stop stressful thoughts by focusing on virtues.
Scripture: Philippians 4:8-9

Part 3: Fighting Negative Feelings

Anxiety speaks negativity into your mind, but the Holy Spirit reveals truth and hope. Whichever voice you listen to will influence your feelings. Jesus gifts every Christian with the Holy Spirit because He wants you to experience supernatural peace in your heart. Draw near to God through prayer and mediation, giving the Holy Spirit the chance to speak to you.
Scripture: John 14:25-27


You will face stress and anxiety in your life. Don’t suffer in silence. Your first step is to speak up. No one should have to suffer depression alone. No one should have to walk through loss in isolation. God doesn’t intend for you to go through your struggles solo. There are an abundance of amazing resources, pastors, and counselors that can help you. We highlight a few of those resources in this conclusion. 

The Bible Study on Anxiety and Stress includes:

–3-part small group guide (intended for stand-alone small groups)
–Conclusion including resources for students facing anxiety and stress
–Graphics to reinforce this content on social media
–Bonus devotional with 7 Pslams for When You’re Stressed