Free Bible Study on Strange Bible Stories

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This free 3-part Bible study on strange Bible stories helps us understand how God can use strange situations for His sovereign purpose.

Part 1: Jesus Faces a Legion of Demons

For centuries, people have been scared of demons. There is one obvious exception—Jesus. Demons didn’t spark a fragment of fear for Him. Since He could sense them, perceive them, and even speak to them, I find this fascinating. Our Savior shrugged them off even though He was more aware of their existence than anyone else. Why? Our God is not afraid of whatever scares you, plagues you, or haunts you. Since He’s not afraid, you shouldn’t be, either.

Scripture: Mark 5:1-20

Part 2: Ezekiel’s Skeleton Army

While God’s people were in exile, He appointed some of the most prolific prophets to speak on His behalf. Among those prophets was a man named Ezekiel. His message contained a weird plot twist, though. Ezekiel delivered hope through a vision where God breathed life into a valley of dry bones, bringing them back to life and creating a skeleton army. When God’s Spirit swept through the valley, it was a sign of restoration and revival for God’s people. The same thing God did for them, He can do for you too. As the Spirit works within you, God brings revival and restoration to us all.

Scripture: Ezekiel 37:1-10

Part 3: Saul’s Dark Decision

God’s people were about to go to war, and Saul had no clue what to do. In trying times, King Saul usually went to Samuel, his head prophet, for guidance. There was only one problem: Samuel was now dead. What was Saul supposed to do without his right-hand man of God? He did what any crazy person would do. King Saul sought out a person who claimed they could speak to the dead in an attempt to access Samuel’s godly advice from beyond the grave. Saul’s experience is strange, but there is also an applicational message in the mystery—things get dark when we try to solve our own problems. Thankfully God can use anything, even evil, to achieve His purpose.

Scripture: 1 Samuel 28:1-19, 1 Samuel 20:42

This Bible study on strange Bible stories was made into a sermon series. Click here to view the sermon series. You might also like these free Bible Studies for youth. 

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— Graphics to reinforce the messages

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