Free Sermon Series on Revelation

This free 3-part sermon series on Revelation helps your students study end times while learning that Jesus ensures victory in the end.

An important note about our series on Revelation: this is a complex topic that may not be suitable for all groups. Furthermore, it was written inter-denominationally. Please edit to add your own theological framework throughout. If you are looking for something lighter, consider our series on spiritual warfare. 

Week 1: The Lamb of God

Jesus is called “lamb” 28 times in the book of Revelation. Why is John so obsessed with seeing Jesus as a lamb? It’s simple. Lambs were central to ancient faith. It’s specifically evident during an event called Passover. This Jewish celebration remembered Israel’s escape from slavery in Egypt. How did God do it? By sending ten plagues to rock Pharaoh’s kingdom. The last and most devastating was when death came upon every household in Egypt, except the people who had spread the blood of a lamb on the doorposts of their homes. Death did not enter the homes of people who were covered by sacrificial blood. 

While interesting, what does this mean for us? In the same way that judgment passed over the houses in Egypt, death will pass over anyone who is covered by the blood of Jesus. That’s why it’s important that we start here. Revelation foretells death and sorrow on a massive scale, but we don’t have to worry about it. Why? Because we are protected by the blood of the perfect Lamb.
Scripture: Revelation 5:5-9

Week 2: The Warrior King

Jesus is the most multidimensional figure to ever live. Throughout the gospels, we get beautiful snapshots of Jesus bringing hope to a hurting world. In Revelation, we experience another dimension of Christ. We get to see Jesus as a vigilant warrior who rises up to destroy Satan, seal up hell, and obliterate evil.

The Book of Revelation assures our victory. We get to take a look at the final battlefield and know that our leader comes out on top. The darkness may fight dirty and look scary, but we will win in the end. After the battle settles and the smoke lifts, we will see the Warrior King Jesus standing over the rubble — triumphant.
Scripture: Revelation 19:11-20

Week 3: The Restorer

Revelation 21:5 is one of the most hope-filled verses in the entire Bible. It’s hard to watch things grow old, see lives shattered due to disease, and say goodbye to loved ones. We can’t change this reality, but God will. God doesn’t just reform situations. He restores situations. 

Jesus, at the right time, will make everything new. You will be able to share a meal with all your loved ones. There will be no sickness, death, evil, or suffering. Everything is going to be made new. While many people perceive the message of Revelation as horrible, it’s actually very hopeful.
Scripture: Revelation 21:3-5 

This sermon series was adapted from our Small Group Bible study on Revelation. Click here to view the small group Bible Study. You might also like these free Bible Studies for youth.

Most of our series have been recorded and are available in our free video library! You can access those Bible study videos by clicking here.


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