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I had an overactive imagination as a child.
One summer night I was sleeping over at a friends house. In cliche childhood tradition, we were talking about ghosts and demons. We were going back and forth sharing stories while loosely trying to put our beliefs out there. My friend told me a terrifying tale about a young girl who was killed down the road from his house (googled it, never happened). After a pause, he stuttered, “she can still be heard singing by the pond today.”

I laughed along, but I was screaming on the inside. The stories wound down, the bagel bites got cold, and we decided it was time to get some shut eye. Right when I started drifting to sleep, my eyes sprung wide open. I audibly heard a droning wail echoing through the house. I assumed I was going crazy, so I just rolled over and tried to fall back asleep. Seconds later, the same sound filled the room again. My friend poked his head over the side of the bed and asked if I heard it too.

It was confirmed. We were being haunted. We were about to be eaten alive by a ghost girl from the lake.

We ended up just weirdly laying down close to each other…terrified for our lives. We survived the night, but the haunting melody never stopped. The next morning, the mysterious sounds continued in the broad daylight. Ghost girls don’t sing in the sun, so we knew something was a sham. I followed the noise until I discovered that the sound was coming from a speaker. We popped open his CD player to see that there was a disk playing called “Ocean Dreams: Songs of the Whale.

We were being haunted by a whale mixtape. 

We often base our view of the supernatural on what we’ve seen in movies. We think of over-the-top hauntings with levitating furniture, demon children throwing up, and clowns that live in the sewer. We have bought into a dramatized view of spiritual warfare that makes it easy to doubt all of it. It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not.

We wrote this series with this exact thought in mind. We want to help students understand that spiritual warfare is real, but it doesn’t look like the movies. It looks like temptation, discouragement, and false accusations. Your kids are dealing with this way more than they would ever think. There is a real enemy who aims to seek, kill and destroy (John 10:10). His small lies can lead to big problems. This sermon series will give them the tools to fight back and walk in victory every day.

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