Free Youth Series on Supporting Bible Characters

HERE IS A FREE YOUTH SERIES ON Supporting Bible Characters

We are all called to play supporting roles. In theater, a supporting role is someone who supports the main character without stealing the spotlight. Whether they provide guidance, grant wishes, or offer comedic relief, supporting roles are pivotal to the plot as they quietly move the storyline forward. Their parts may be small, but their positions are significant. 

There are supporting characters in the Bible who have played significant roles in God’s plans but rarely get any recognition. Hur is only mentioned twice in the entire Bible, but he supported Moses and contributed to Israel’s success. Jethro is a very minor character in the Old Testament, but his wisdom guided Moses through a pivotal moment in Israel’s history. Jabez’s name only appears once in the Bible, but his mention is accompanied with an important lesson about identity. Jehoshaphat is a lesser-known king who sacrificed the spotlight to encourage people to praise the true King instead. Lastly, the Old Testament book on Habakkuk is only four chapters long, but the prophet’s powerful story teaches a valuable lesson.

In this free youth series, we will examine minor Biblical characters who made a major difference.

THE FREE YOUTH SERIES ON supporting bible characters INCLUDES:

Sermon Series: This 4-part sermon, “Supporting Roles,” studies important lessons from Hur, Jethro, Jabez, and Jehoshaphat.

Small Group Series: This 4-part written message series and small group discussion guide can be used in conjunction with “Supporting Roles” sermon series, or as a stand-alone small group series.

Devotional: This 7-day devotional helps students read through the Book of Habakkuk.

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