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When we look back at the story of Joseph, God brought something awesome out of awful circumstances. Ultimately, the pit led to a palace. Then the palace led him to prison. Then prison led him back to the palace. Every single pain point was preparation. He went through some terrible circumstances, but God brought good out of his disappointments. God didn’t necessarily cause it, but He was able to use it. This youth series will help your students learn how to look at their lives through the same lens.


Sermon: This stand-alone sermon, “From Pit to Palace,” will help students learn how to rely on God to overcome disappointments in life through the story of Joseph.

Small Group Guide: This written message and small group discussion guide can be used in conjunction with the “From Pit to Palace” sermon, or as a stand-alone small group.

Devotional: This 7-day devotional helps students read through scripture in Genesis while learning life lessons from the story of Joseph.

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One Comment on “Free Youth Series on Joseph”

  1. Very important bible study on Joseph life.
    Please sand me some of this study I will share with christian youth. Ma God continue to use your staff for His glory.

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