Free Bible Study on Joseph

Joseph Bible Study

This Bible study on Joseph examines Joseph’s life to show us how God can bring beautiful things out of difficult circumstances.

The story of Joseph

It’s easy to think, “Why has God abandoned Joseph?” He didn’t. This passage explains that “the Lord was with Joseph and gave him success in whatever he did” (Genesis 39:23). Yes, he was in prison. Yes, he watched his life collapse because of a lie. And yes, he was only eating stale bread and drinking murky water. However, God’s presence helped him push through the disappointment. The Lord was with Joseph. The Lord is with you too. Cling to his presence in times of disappointment.

God wants you to win, but you have to be willing to win where you are. Even if you find yourself in a circumstance that feels like a jail cell, know that God wants to help you succeed right where you are. Those prison moments may protect you. Those prison moments may prepare you. God isn’t waiting for your circumstances. He’s just waiting for you to turn to Him, then He will help you. 


–Small group guide (intended for stand-alone small group)
–Graphics to reinforce this content on social media
–Bonus devotional eBook on the story of Joesph (Genesis 37-50)

This small group Bible study was adapted from our sermon on Joseph. Click here to view the Joseph Sermon Script. You might also like these free Bible Studies for youth.

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