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The book of Hosea tells a love story unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. It’s the story of God telling a prophet to marry a prostitute. Yes, you read that right. This is not the setup for an inappropriate joke; this is scripture. Hosea’s dysfunctional marriage exemplifies the relentlessness love of God, despite the unfaithfulness of His people.

Ultimately, Hosea’s life was a metaphor. Hosea represented God, while his unfaithful spouse represented Israel. This love story is our love story. Unfortunately, our character is the cheater. Every scene depicts the divine, but sometimes dysfunctional, relationship that we have with God. We are prone to wander, but God pursues us. We try to run from God, but His grace always catches up. Our idolatry is like adultery, but God wants to renew our vows.


Sermon Series: This 3-part sermon series on Hosea will help students learn how faithful and relentless God’s love truly is.

Small Group Series: This 3-part small group series features written messages and small group discussion guides that can be used in conjunction with the Hosea sermon series, or as three stand-alone small groups.

Devotional: This 6-day devotional helps students read through the book of Hosea and learn about God’s relentlessness love.

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  1. I am excited to use your resources to help my youth understand the emotional turmoil that cheating on God causes.

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