Free Bible Study on Hosea

This free 3-part Bible study on Hosea will help your students learn that God is faithful even when we are unfaithful.

The book of Hosea tells a love story unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. It’s the story of God telling a prophet to marry a prostitute. Yes, you read that right. This is not the setup for an inappropriate joke; this is scripture.

Hosea is one of the minor prophets found in the Old Testament. However, this story is anything but small. The message of this minor prophet packs a major punch. Hosea was commanded to live his life as a parable. How? He was called to paint a picture of God’s relationship with His people by marrying an unfaithful bride. Hosea represents God, while we represent the unfaithful spouse. I know it’s not an ideal characterization, but it’s true. 

This love story is our love story. It’s about the divine, but sometimes dysfunctional, relationship we have with God. We are prone to wander, but God pursues us. We become irrational, but God stays steady. We try to run from God, but his grace always catches up.

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Part 1: We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

Hosea’s dysfunctional relationship illustrates God’s enduring desire to be connected to his people. When Gomer failed, Hosea forgave; when Gomer fell, Hosea picked her up; and when Gomer was unfaithful, Hosea was faithful. The first few chapters of this powerful book symbolize God’s desire to have a relationship with you. Despite what you’ve done, God wants you. When you run away from God, he will continue running towards you. Not to discipline you, but to embrace you. Not to abandon you, but to accept you.

Scripture: Hosea 1:2-3

Part 2: Bad Romance

Just like Hosea paid it all for Gomer, Jesus paid it all for you. This is the gospel. You were in slavery. You were unsafe. Then Jesus sought you out and paid the highest price possible for you. Regardless of where you’ve been, Jesus wants you to come home. If you were to examine your role in this story, you would come to a conclusion that’s both unfortunate and glorious. You are Gomer. You have turned your back on Jesus. You have been unfaithful. You are enslaved and need to be set free. The story of Hosea and Gomer is the story of Jesus and His people.

Scripture: Hosea 3:1-3 


Sin tried to tear them apart, but Hosea fought to keep them together. It was hard, but it was worth it. Their marriage required tough talks, couple’s therapy, and a truckload of forgiveness. The name “Hosea” literally means savior. This ancient prophet actually shares his name with another major New Testament figure. Care to take a guess? It’s Jesus—our savior and relentless redeemer. 

Scripture: Revelation 19:7-9 


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This small group Bible Study on Hosea is based on a free sermon series! Click here to view the Hosea Sermon Series.

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