Christmas Youth Series (Free)


This free Christmas sermon series on Jesus’ family tree explores the lineage of Jesus as described at the beginning of Matthew’s gospel.

The Apostle Matthew starts his Christmas story with a genealogy. You heard that right. Before any action, Matthew gets academic with a long list of names — tracing the family tree of Jesus.

Genealogies were a big deal in Jewish culture. These ancestry accounts were a reminder of their families’ heritage and resilience. When a family member looked at a genealogy, pride pumped through their veins because it was a reminder of how far God had taken them. War didn’t kill them. Sickness didn’t stop them. Exile didn’t break them. Famine didn’t consume them. Line by line, a lineage shows the love of God. 

Because he was writing to a Jewish audience, Matthew kicked off the Christmas story with a genealogy. He tediously traced the family lineage of Jesus as far back as he could. Every line reveals a powerful truth — God has been up to something big from the very beginning. Matthew went through all the work of researching and writing this section to show us that Jesus came from a dysfunctional family. While it sounds surprising, we can find hope in that. 


Sermon Series: This 3-part sermon series, “The Dysfunctional Family Tree of Jesus,” will help students celebrate Christmas while learning how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Small-Group Series: This 3-part written message series and small group discussion guide can be used in conjunction with “The Dysfunctional Family Tree of Jesus” sermon series, or as a stand-alone small group series.

Devotional: This 5-day devotional helps students celebrate Christmas by pulling spiritual truths from famous hymns.

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