Relationships Bible Study & Small Group Questions

Relationships Bible Study

This 4-part Bible study on relationships will help you begin to develop a healthy, godly perspective on love and dating.

Here is How the Relationships Bible Study Breaks Down:
Part 1: Finding the One

Before you start dating, really take a look at who you are and who you are becoming. Don’t just try to discover the right person. Instead, strive to develop into the right person. Focus on development, not just discovery.
Scripture: James 1:23-25

Part 2: Don’t Forfeit your Future

Esau traded his future for a quick fix. He traded His blessing for a bowl of beans. Sure, you don’t plan on trading a million-dollar inheritance for some soup, but there is still a powerful lesson within this bizarre tale of twin brothers. Don’t sacrifice your future for a quick fix. Don’t let impulsiveness make you lose sight of what God wants for you.
Scripture: Genesis 25:29-34

Part 3: Dangerous Dating

Finding true love is rewarding, but it’s not a reward within itself. Unrealistic expectations are the formula for failure. No one person is going to bring you fulfillment, happiness, peace, or purpose. You must find fulfillment in your own life in Jesus first. Then, commit to doing life with another person, with Jesus at the center of your relationship.
Scripture: Genesis 29:16-25

Part 4: Big Risk. Bigger Reward.

When we think of love, our minds sometimes flash to the aisle of a drug-store on February 13th. We imagine big heart-shaped boxes of candy, oversized teddy bears, and cheesy greeting cards. The Bible paints a bigger (and more beautiful) picture of love than any Hallmark movie ever could— it teaches us that love is strengthened by service and sacrifice.When you love someone, you seek out their best interest, even above your own.
Scripture: Ruth 3:1-6

This Bible study on relationships was adapted from a free sermon series! Click here to view the relationship sermon series. You might also like these free small group Bible studies for youth.  

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This free relationships Bible study includes:

— 4 small group discussion guides on relationships
— 10 graphics to reinforce the messages on social media
— Relationships Q&A devotional booklet – A Youth Pastor’s Answers to your Questions on Love and Dating
— 10 graphics to reinforce the Relationships Q&A devotional booklet

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  1. You have a wonderful biblically-based curriculum. I have been looking for materials for my family gatekeeping program to a very depressed community. I can design a curriculum if I can have time, but not this quality and comprehensive. I still have to browse through. Time, thats so rare and as gold for me. Thank you for giving me access to this free resources.

    Will keep in touch later. God bless!

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