Jonah Bible Study & Small Group Questions (Free)

This 4-part Bible study on Jonah will teach your students practical life lessons about rebellion and obedience. 

Here is How the Jonah Bible Study Breaks Down:
Week 1: Running From God

Have you ever tried to run away? I am not necessarily talking about running away from home. People run away from a broad spectrum of things. They run away from responsibility, consequences, and even other people. People are even prone to running away from God. In this discussion guide, we are going to explore the experiences of a rebellious prophet who tried to run away from God.
Scripture: Jonah 1:1-3

Week 2: Distractions and your Destiny

God gave Jonah a big calling, but then, Jonah hopped upon a boat that was heading in the opposite direction. When God’s trying to do something big in your life, there is always another boat, and there is always another distraction. When you run from your calling, you are also running away from all God has for you. There is an outstanding outcome on the other side of your obedience. Push forward. Run towards your calling. Push past the distractions. You’ll never achieve big things when you’re easily distracted by small things. Your persistence will pay off.
Scripture: Jonah 1:3-4

Week 3: God’s not Punishing You

This passage teaches that God “provided” a huge fish to swallow up Jonah. God sent the fish to protect his prophet. Jonah wasn’t swallowed by a Four Seasons hotel. He was swallowed up by a fish. I am sure the process was gross, smelly, dark, and disgusting. However, it was exactly what Jonah needed for protection. Sometimes, problems that feel like punishments are actually God’s provision. Embrace God’s correction because it will help you grow. Experience is an amazing educator— especially the hard stuff. Don’t mistake God’s protection for punishment.
Scripture: Jonah 1:4-16, Jonah 2:1

Week 4: Progression Over Perfection

Jonah’s isn’t just a story about rebellion. It’s about hope. It shows that God will chase us down. No matter how far we go, how rebellious we are, or how much we mess up, God will pursue us. The presence of God is healing when you seek it and haunting when you run from it. God will pick you up, dust you off, and help place you on the right path. There is good news for Jonah, you, and me— God always offers a second chance.
Scripture: Jonah 3:1-5

This Bible study was adapted from our sermon series on Jonah. Click here to view the Jonah sermon script. You might also like these free small group Bible studies for youth.

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This free Jonah Bible study includes:

— 4 small group discussion guides on Jonah
— Graphics to reinforce the messages on social media

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