Free Bible Study on the Holy Spirit

This free 4-part Bible study on the Holy Spirit will help your students understand who the Holy Spirit is and why God gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Part 1: The Holy Spirit is God’s Presence

Did you know that you are a temple? Paul uses a reoccurring metaphor where he says, “you are a temple of the Holy Spirit” (1 Corinthians 6:19). He’s teaching that we are walking churches. Sure, you have green eyes instead of stained glass or a mohawk instead of a steeple, but you are still the living Temple of God. Why? Because the Holy Spirit dwells within us. God set up shop in your soul. When you become a Christian, God’s presence becomes personal. The God of the cosmos moves into your body to minister to you and work through you. The Holy Spirit is God’s presence made personal. 
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 3:16 

Part 2: The Holy Spirit is our Power

You are packed full of potential, but you need a power source. Here is the good news. There is something more powerful than all your problems, pain, and pitfalls. That power is found in a person, and His name is Jesus. You can have a real-life connection to the most powerful being in human history. How do you plug into that power? Through the Holy Spirit. 
Scripture: Acts 1:8

Part 3: The Holy Spirit is our Prayer Partner

We all need help. Whether it’s help finding the words to pray, facing a terrifying medical diagnosis, making it through a difficult semester, or scaling an obstacle the size of Everest, we all need a partner in this journey called life. That’s why God, through the Spirit, stepped out of heaven and into your heart. The help you need is right inside you.
Scripture: Romans 8:26

Part 4: The Holy Spirit is our Perfect Guide

God wants to do things in you and through you that are far beyond your best abilities and wildest dreams. It all starts with surrender to the Spirit’s role as your guide. When you became a Christian, God installed an advocate, leader, counselor, and parakletos into your heart. Your only responsibility is to listen to His leadership, remain close, and enjoy the journey along the way.
Scripture: John 16:7

This small group Bible Study on the Holy Spirit is based on a free sermon series! Click here to view the Holy Spirit Sermon Series. You might also like these free Bible Studies for youth.


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–Bonus devotional eBook on Acts

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  1. I’m trying to find a study that I can do woth women in prison. But I cannot use a computer or phone. It looks like this would need those?

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