Happiness Bible Study & Small Group Questions

This free Happiness bible study is designed to help people experience blessings from God. You can use this happiness Bible study in your youth group, church gathering, or as a personal Bible study on happiness.

When Jesus was kicking off His ministry, He chose to deliver a Spark Notes presentation on the basic teachings of the Bible in his Sermon on the Mount. He delivers dozens of short, bite-sized teachings designed to help His followers grasp the counter-cultural message of the gospel. Jesus weaves each teaching like a single thread to help Him present the tapestry of Christian living. Jesus invites us to change our perspectives by seeing ancient publications with present applications.

This happiness Bible study will help you apply beatitude principles from the Sermon on the Mount to find contentment and joy in your life.

Here is How the Happiness Bible Study Breaks Down:

Week 1: The Pursuit of Happiness
Everyone is on the pursuit of happiness. We have an unwritten list of things that we think will bring joy. However, all of those things are temporary. Jesus starts His Sermon on the Mount by offering us eight keys to happiness. When you dive into this passage, you’ll discover that, by the world’s standards, it’s an unconventional path to happiness.
Scripture: Matthew 5:5

Week 2: Go the Extra Mile
Not only does responding out of love eliminate vengeance and conflict from your life, but it also serves people and glorifies God. When you respond with love, you demonstrate God’s grace. You build others up. Show people the hope found in forgiveness. Prove their worth. Oftentimes, it’s to the people who need to feel God’s grace the most. Go the extra mile!
Scripture: Matthew 5:38-42

Week 3: The Importance of Priorities
When Jesus is preaching the Sermon on the Mount, He is inevitably talking to some people with a lot on their minds. Some of them are in poverty, some of them have been cast out of society, some of them are unemployed, and some of them are feeling forsaken. Then, He tells them the key to calm amid the chaos— seek God first.
Scripture: Matthew 6:33

Week 4: Don’t Judge
If you want to see growth in your own life, turn your negative attention to others into constructive attention for yourself. Recognize every time you start to criticize or judge others. Stop yourself. Then, use that saved time and energy to think about changes God wants for you in your own life. How much could you grow in your spiritual, emotional, and physical health if you spent every moment you currently spend talking about others allowing God to transform you instead?

This free happiness Bible study includes:

— 4 small group guides on happiness and the Sermon on the Mount
— 18 graphics to reinforce the messages on social media
— Bonus devotional on the Beatitudes

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