Free Life Lesson Graphics on Jonah

Graphics on Jonah

Here are modern, hand-drawn graphics on Jonah for your social media accounts. This bundle has seven social media graphics highlighting different thoughts, concepts, verses, and life-lessons from Jonah.

What happens when following Jesus means doing something you don’t want to do? Whether it’s traveling to a foreign land or just talking to someone about faith in the cafeteria, God’s calling can be uncomfortable. However, when we choose obedience over resistance, we will experience outstanding results.


These graphics on Jonah were created to reinforce CIRCLES — a free small group curriculum created just for students. The Jonah CIRCLES bundle includes:
— 4 small group devotionals on the Book of Jonah
— Discussion guides that help you put the message into motion
— Bible reading plans to enhance each devotional over the following week
— Jonah graphics to reference each devotional on social media (3 per CIRCLE, 12 total)
— A 7-day devotional for individual student Bible study on the book of Jonah
— 7 Jonah graphics to reinforce each individual Bible study on Jonah

Subscribing to CIRCLES is free and gives you full access to this free bundle, and over twenty others just like it.

Click here to learn more or subscribe to CIRCLES. If you would like more social media graphics, check out our resource library.