Free Youth Series on Daniel

Youth Series on Daniel

This youth series on Daniel will teach your students about living bold lives of faith.

The book of Daniel contains some of the most famous stories in the Bible. There’s the incredible story of Daniel in the lion’s den, the four friends in the fiery furnace, and the refusal to bow down to the golden idol. Why have these stories become so famous? Daniel lives with faith that makes him fearless.

The book of Daniel tells the story of Daniel (obviously) who was a charismatic seventeen-year-old leader. He and his friends were forced to live in Babylon because his city of Jerusalem was seized and enslaved. This kingdom was completely opposed to Daniel’s faith. Daniel sets an extraordinary example of being faithful despite uncertain circumstances. We learn a valuable life lesson in the first six chapters of Daniel: we can live fearlessly because we have faith. 


Sermon Series: This 3-part sermon series, “Daniel,” will help students learn how to live bold lives of faith by studying the life of Daniel.

Small Group Guides: This 3-part written message series and small group discussion guide can be used in conjunction with the “Daniel” sermon series, or as three stand-alone small groups.

Devotional: This 10 day devotional will help students read Daniel 1-7 and apply the principles to their own lives.

Bonus Devotional: This 5-day devotional on the Daniel Fast will help students understand and practice fasting.

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