Free Daniel Fast Devotional

Daniel Fast Devotional
Here is a free Daniel fast devotional for your church.

We want to give you all the tools you need to fast together as a ministry.

Have you ever noticed how your mind, soul, heart, and body all work together? If your mental health suffers, so does your physical health. When your activity decreases, you’ll notice your brain in a fog. If your spiritual health declines, then your emotions will vary.

Your mental, physical, and emotional health play a big part in your spiritual health as well.  They’re not just connected, they’re interconnected. Your body, mind, and spirit are deeply intertwined. That means that we can experience spiritual breakthroughs through physical disciplines. If you want to feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually, then you’re invited on a life-changing experience that will deeply impact your whole being. What is it? It’s called a fast.

That is why we put together this Daniel fast Devotional designed to help your students learn the true meaning behind fasting. 

Why is it important to fast as a church?
One: Why are we Fasting?

Fasting is not just about food, it’s about focus. Fasting is a spiritual discipline designed to connect us more deeply with God. It involves giving up something physical (ie: comfort food) for the sake of something Spiritual (ie: a fresh filling of God’s Spirit). It’ll help your congregation grow closer to God and each other.

Two: Fasting is an expectation.

Fasting is not some exclusive right of passage for the devout, rather, it’s a way of life for all disciples — you included. In Matthew 16, Jesus kicks off his statement with a simple phrase. He begins, “When you fast…” He didn’t say “If you fast…” Rather, He said, “WHEN you fast.” According to Jesus, fasting is an expectation. It’s a central part of our Christian lifestyle. It’s just something that Christians do — not something he has to convince them to do.

Three: Fasting helps us purify ourselves.

In the first chapter of Daniel, Daniel is offered food that is completely contrary to the kosher commandments in Jewish Scripture. Thus, he politely asked to not partake. Daniel 1:9 elaborates, “Daniel was determined not to defile himself by eating the food and wine given to them by the king.”

You will probably never be offered unclean food that was blessed by a Babylonian goddess. However, culture is constantly trying to trick you into Babylonian behavior. Culture is constantly encouraging you to “defile yourself” with addictive substances, the pursuit of prosperity, selfish ambitions, and, ultimately, finding purpose in all the wrong places. Make the same choice as Daniel. Don’t defile yourself with culture’s confections. Swim against the cultural current. Respectfully reject anything that can come between you and God.

Four: Fasting Fixes Our Focus

Fasting is powerful because it fixes our focus. Why? Fasting tells God you’re serious about your prayer. Prayer is the petroleum behind your fast — let it fuel your fast. Without prayer, fasting is just a fad diet. Pray with expectation as you fast. God’s deliverance may be on the other side of your dedication.

Five: Fasting Brings Fulfillment

Fasting is all about replacing our physical hunger with spiritual hunger. There is a powerful passage that speaks to the outcome of spiritual hunger. No, it’s not hanger. Rather, it’s happiness. In Matthew 6:5, Jesus teaches, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” When you hunger after righteousness, you will be filled and fulfilled.

The Daniel Fast Devotional eBook is ready-to-print and includes:

— A detailed description of the Danial fast dietary restrictions as outlined in Daniel 1
— A 5-day of Devotional about fasting
— Graphics to share with your church to encourage them to participate in the Daniel Fast devotional

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