Free 21 Day Daniel Fast Devotional

daniel fast devotional
Here is a free 21 Day Daniel fast devotional for your church.

We want to give you all the tools you need to fast together as a church. That is why we put together this 21-Day eBook and Daniel fast Devotional designed to help your community fast together. This eBook explains the Daniel fast while providing 21 devotionals and journal prompts from Daniel and Colossians.

Why is it important to fast as a church?

One: Fasting helps us focus.
Fasting is not just about food, it’s about focus. Fasting is a spiritual discipline designed to connect us more deeply with God. Fasting involves giving up something Physical (ie: comfort food) for the sake of something Spiritual (ie: a fresh filling of God’s Spirit). It’ll help your congregation grow closer to God and each other.

Two: Fasting is completely counter-cultural.
America is a fast-food culture. We are always on the go. We practically wear busyness like a badge of honor. We move through life at the speed of light. While this culture is accepted, it’s also dangerous. It negatively affects our relationships, mental health, and emotional health. Furthermore, our “grab and go” lifestyle is detrimental to the way we eat. If many of you are honest, your food choices aren’t always the healthiest. When you fast together, you help end the cycle and rebel against our McCulture.

Three: Fasting helps you feel better.
Fasting isn’t a diet program. However, it does help your health. When you choose to fast, you will feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually. Invite your church into a life-changing experience that will deeply impact them, their families, and our community as a whole. Simple put, fasting is refraining from physical food for a spiritual purpose.

The Daniel Fast Devotional eBook is ready-to-print and includes:

— A detailed description of the Danial fast dietary restrictions as outlined in Daniel 1
— 21 Bible devotionals with prayer and journaling prompts
— Graphics to share with your church to encourage them to participate in the Daniel Fast devotional