Free Download: Daily Planner for Pastors

We know you are busy. That’s why we created a free daily planner for pastors! This is not strictly about productivity though. It’s designed to help you feel a renewed sense of purpose whenever you walk into the office. We want to help you worship and connect with God when your workload feels overwhelming (Click here for a leadership devotional on worshipping through busy seasons of ministry.)

Free Daily Planner for Pastors: Designed to Help You Achieve a Ministry Mindset

Here is a framework to encourage you when the checklist is overwhelming. Take a look at the tasks in front of you. Maybe you’re planning an Easter service, designing a sermon graphic, recruiting volunteers, or writing your leadership handbook. Write those things down. Then attach each project to a potential outcome.

Use this framework: “When I ____________, God uses it to  _____________.”

This helps us see that God is the ultimate objective of all our projects while He’s also the initiator of all our rewards and outcomes.

  • “When I send a birthday card to a student, God uses is to help a student feel seen and appreciated.”
  • “When I clean the auditorium, God uses it to help people feel safe in our space.”
  • “If I come up with a new activity, God uses it to help my group engage in a new way.”
  • “When I create a series, God uses it to help people experience the life-changing truth of God’s word.”
  • “When I buy lunch for a leader, God uses it to help them feel valued and cherished.”

We created this print-ready planner to help you achieve a ministry mindset in your busy seasons:

We made this free daily planner for pastors to help you become more intentional about the outcomes on the other side of your projects.

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