Community Bible Study & Small Group Questions

This free Community Bible study is designed to help students experience the blessing of being part of a Christian community. You can use this Community Bible study in your youth group, church gathering, or as a personal Bible study on Christian community.

Here is How the Community Bible Study and Small Groups Break Down:
Week 1: Better Together

Whether you are working through tragedy, healing after heartbreak, or battling emotional burnout, you are going to feel stuck at some point in your life. Don’t go through that stuff alone. That is why the Bible teaches that we are supposed to “share each others burdens.” When someone you know is hurting, help them. When you are hurting, seek help. Community is God’s answer for crisis. You were made to share your burdens with people that care about you.
Scripture: Galatians 6:1-3

Week 2: Be a Bold Friend

God is calling you out of your comfort zone because that is where you will truly rely on Him and put your faith into action. Doing the right thing in those scary and uncomfortable moments will allow God to use you in entirely new and exciting ways! Next time you feel God’s little nudge to do something kind or bold that you wouldn’t usually do, trust Him and follow His call. Jesus may be using your obedience to change a life.
Scripture: Acts 9:13-14

Week 3: Unity Brings Opportunity

What would your life look like if you saw every single thing you do as an opportunity from God? What if you came to school every day ready to make a difference? Stand up for that kid being bullied because God wants to show them His love and heart for the oppressed. Choose to shoot down gossip because God wants you to believe the best in people. Share Jesus with someone because that 20 seconds of courage could change their lives forever. Whatever you do, do it with a mission mindset
Scripture: Colossians 3:23

This free Community Bible study includes:

— 3 small group discussion guides on the blessing of community
— Graphics to reinforce the messages on social media

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