Free Bible Study on Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Disciplines Bible Study

This free Bible study on spiritual disciplines will help your students learn how to establish God-honoring practices in their daily routines.

We often contextualize habits in the category of health. We think of resolutions like cutting out sugar, running a 5k, lifting weights, or achieving a six pack. Of course, these things are good, but they’re not the only habits we should intentionally foster. 

In this study, we are going to examine some Holy Habits. Just like healthy habits are good for our bodies, holy habits are good for our minds, emotions, and spirit. The theological word for Holy Habits is “spiritual discipline.” It’s where we derive our word “disciple.” The Greek word for “discipline” is “paideia,” which is closely related to “the rearing of a child.” Like helping a baby learn to walk, spiritual disciplines focus on gradual growth over time. In summary, spiritual disciplines are habits that help to cultivate spiritual health.


When you hunger after righteousness, you will be filled. Fulfillment is not found in new things, stacks of money, or even a circle of good friends. Fulfillment comes from a personal friendship with Jesus. God is nourishing to your soul. Possessions, success, popularity, and money are enjoyable. However, they will always leave you desiring more. That stuff is like Doritos for your soul. You’ll enjoy them, but you won’t be filled. True fulfillment in life happens when we commit to holy habits. Do you want to be happy? Stay hungry.

Scripture: Matthew 6:5

Bible Study

Just like food is essential for your physical health, the Bible is essential for your spiritual health. Do you want a full and fulfilled life? Nourish your soul with scripture. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Notice that Jesus said we are to “live by” every Word that comes from God. He didn’t merely say to read it or get it tattooed on our arms. Jesus commanded us to live by the word of God. Without food, you become physically weak. Without God’s word, you become spiritually weak.

Scripture: Luke 4:1-4 


Since our world wears busyness like a badge of honor, it’s countercultural to slow down. There is power in pausing. We must learn to swim against the cultural current by slowing down. How do we experience slow moments in a culture that demands hustle? By embracing the spiritual discipline of meditation. Meditation helps us hear God’s voice despite the noise, slow down when life is speeding by, and connect with God despite all the commotion. When our culture demands hustle, God suggests stillness.

Scripture: Psalm 46:10-11


Simply put, fasting is refraining from something physical to gain something spiritual. When Daniel was overwhelmed, he strived to fix his focus. How did he do it? With fasting. When we fast, it allows us to focus on God. It will help you focus on him more, which will change your perspectives and outlook. When you focus on what you cannot have, you will quickly lose sight of your primary focus — growing closer to Jesus.

Scripture: Matthew 6:16-17 


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–Bonus devotional eBook on the Lord’s Prayer

This small group Bible Study on Holy Habits is based on a free sermon! Click here to view the Holy Habits Sermon Script.

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