Three Foolproof Fundraisers for Youth Ministry

Why did we create this free bundle of fundraisers for youth ministry?

Youth ministry is unlike any other job.

Leaders are responsible for basically running mini-churches. The demands can be daunting. There’s preaching, discipleship programs, pastoral care, large-scale events, camps, summer missions, student extracurriculars, some low-key janitorial work, random projects you didn’t expect. Oftentimes, you’re expected to do all of this with one of the smallest budgets in the organization. It’s absolutely wild.

Most youth pastors are constantly thinking about fundraising. We are expected to balance all of our roles, while also raising a few thousand dollars on the side. That is why I dedicated my time to finding the fundraisers that had the greatest return on investment.

Here is a bundle of three fundraisers for youth ministry.

This is designed to be a quick reference guide for fundraising with little preparation. Each of these fundraisers comes with a bundle of resources to help you pull it off. These files will give you access to branding, social media graphics, forms, and other content to ensure you look like a rockstar.

  1. Pick a Card
    Pick a Card is probably the easiest and most profitable fundraiser you can pull off. Just purchase one hundred plain-white envelopes. Then, write the numbers 1-100 in bold Sharpie on the front of each envelope. Next, set up a table with clear signage and smiling students in the area with the most foot traffic after Sunday service. Neatly line all of the envelopes in boxes and encourage people to pick up an envelope after church. When a person picks up an envelope, they will be asked to bring it back with the amount of money that matches the number on the front.
  2. Flocking
    Flocking is a perfectly bizarre and wonderful fundraiser. Basically, you purchase a bunch of lawn flamingos and put them in church members’ yards with a note about how to remove the pink birds. How is that? Just donate to youth ministry and select the next flocking victim.
  3. Student for Hire
    This is probably my favorite fundraiser. We aren’t merely asking for a donation— the students put in skilled work. Think of this like making a teen classified page where people can hire a student to do a certain task. You post their names, skills, and prices, and then encourage people in the church to hire them. Be sure to highlight the fact that students are working for their money. Many people really appreciate seeing that in young people. (That is one of the oldest-sounding sentences I have ever written.)
When you download these fundraisers for youth ministry, you will receive:

— A detailed overview of three foolproof fundraisers
— Complete graphics packages for all three
— Sample documentation
— A short guide to fundraising best practices

We are here to help you put the fun in fundraising! (Okay, that was lame. Let’s cut that).


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