Youth Group Event Ideas: Thrift Prom

Youth group event ideas

Youth Group Event Ideas: Thrift Prom

We hosted thrift prom with our youth ministry and it was a huge hit!

What is thrift prom?
This is one of my favorite youth group event ideas. Simply put, it is sort of a retro night. However, this is supposed to be straight-up tacky retro. The whole point of this night is to have your students go to a thrift store and pick up the tackiest outfits to wear. Of course, they can get clothes from other places like their gramma’s closet or something. It’s up to them! You just want them to look as tacky as possible.

How did we pull it off?
We set up a dance floor in the middle of our space. Think of Napolean Dynamite. Our playlist was mostly throwback songs with the occasional dancey pop song in the mix.

We decorated the place in a retro 80s dance style β€” look at any 80s high school movie for ideas! Pinterest is a gold-mine for this stuff, so be sure to check that out!

Importantly, we made a photo booth to take pictures at just like you would find at a prom. We hung tacky wrapping paper as the backdrop, hung up some balloons, and we made up props for them to use in the pictures. This is what the students really wanted to do β€” get the funniest shot possible.

(I wish we did 80s style glamour shots. Someone needs to make that happen!)

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