Why You Should Use Our 2022 Youth Group Curriculum

Youth Group Curriculum

Does this scenario seem familiar?
You sit at your desk with a fresh cup of coffee, turn on the perfect playlist, and open up your laptop to get to work. A blank word document sits before you. It’s full of possibility and opportunity. “What am I going to preach on this week,” you think to yourself while taking your first sip of coffee. The topics could range from dating to Deborah to Deuteronomy. Five minutes pass; nothing. Ten minutes pass; nothing. The cursor just blinks away — almost like it’s taunting you. This is a struggle that we are all familiar with. I have been there, every pastor I know has been there, and I am sure you have been there too.

It’s a vicious cycle that chips away at your most precious asset — your time. The time that you could use have used differently. Planning a mission trip. Spending time with students. Writing a parent’s email.  Having lunch with your spouse. Resting. We know the value of your time, so we wanted to help.

Our team compiled our original sermon series, small group guides, devotionals, and graphics to put together a free youth group curriculum. It has nearly everything you need to take your mind off sermon preparation in order to focus on your students.

We crafted this free youth group curriculum with you in mind. Yes, you read that right. It’s free. It’s free now and will be free forever. There is no hidden catch, upsell, or hidden fees. Free means free. We won’t sell your email to a spammy salesman or ask you to help us move into a third-floor apartment. There are no strings attached. (Learn more about how we make all of our content free here.)

Here are three benefits to using our youth group curriculum:

1. It’s Far More Than Outlines and Graphics
We believe that teaching goes way beyond the pulpit. Sure, preaching is the centerpiece, but it’s not the only piece. Our curriculum calendar goes far beyond sermon outlines. They’re full-fledged campaigns for your church. Each month, we have provided sermon scripts, small group discussion guides, production graphics, promotional graphics, and series-specific devotionals. Student growth is holistic, so we made our series the same way. All of these elements are designed to work together to help your students experience life change.

2. There Is a “Build Your Own” Curriculum Option 
Every culture has a different context. That is why we created a tool to help you build your own sermon calendar based on the needs of your group. We have broken all of our series into four categories:

  • Bring Them In: These are attraction messages that spark excitement and meet a perceived need. Ranging from topics like Priorities to Anxiety, these series are the kinds that your students will invite their friends to.
  • Build Them Up: These are deeper messages that spark growth. Ranging from topics like Spiritual Discipline to the Holy Spirit, these series will help excitement turn into engagement.
  • Send them Out: These are applicational messages that spark action. Ranging from topics like serving others to living out your purpose, these series will help turn engagement into evangelism.
  • Seasonal: Ministry ebbs and flows with the seasons. Thus, we have designated engaging series around holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

3: We Help You Make It Your Own
Every message comes with a cover page to help you see all the content at a glance. This includes illustration ideas and visual props you may need to help the content speak to your context. In every script, we highlight sections that you can easily adapt with your own stories, add your own examples, and make your own. Getting started is as easy as checking your email. It’s easy as pie. Simply visit our curriculum page, then click on the curriculum calendar download button.

When you download our youth group curriculum, you will receive two documents:

  • A one-page overview of the whole year at a glance.
  • A month-by-month breakdown of each sermon series, devotional, and small group discussion guide.

These will be your launch pads for everything you need. Specifically, the month-by-month breakdown links you to the files of every single resource in the curriculum calendar. Simply click the underlined item to download the files to your computer.

We cannot wait to hear what God does through your ministry in the coming year!

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