Youth Bible Reading Plan: 21 Day Challenge

This free youth Bible reading plan will challenge your students to study scripture every day for three weeks! Thus, your students will build momentum towards spending consistent time with Christ.

This youth Bible reading plan was created to reinforce the Momentum Matters sermon series. In this series, we are challenging students to commit to three spiritual disciplines every day: prayer, reading the Bible and community. Click here to view the full Momentum Matters sermon series including 3 sermons, handouts, small group questions and graphics.

Why are we encouraging students to read the Bible every day?

In Psalm 119:105, David says “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” David’s simple comparison of scripture to a lamp reveals powerful & practical truth about the Bible. The Bible helps us to see life clearly.  Just as a lamp allows us to see our surroundings clearly, God’s Word helps us to understand life to the fullest.

The Bible teaches us who God is, how He sees us, and who we are created to be. Learning about the Creator helps us to understand more of creation. There will always be mysteries and unanswered questions in this world, but we will understand our lives to the fullest when we look through the lens of God’s word.

This Youth Bible Reading Plan: 21 Day Challenge bundle includes:

— 21-Day Bible Reading Plan Handout (Editable to choose verses on your current series topic)
— Social Media Graphics to interact with students taking the challenge every day (quotes, stories, and blank)

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