Free Trunk or Treat Graphics

Free Trunk or Treat Graphics

Here are some free trunk or treat graphics that we made for your church! This graphics bundle offers three different branding packages to help you promote your upcoming Trunk or Treat event.

I don’t know who came up with the idea for Trunk or Treat, but they deserve a medal or at least a big bag of candy. Talk about the perfect community event! Not only do kids collect far more candy per minute than they would going door to door, but it’s an amazing opportunity for you to serve your community and connect with new people.

Plus, there’s costumes and candy. It’s a win-win.


These free graphics are all yours to use. We even included Photoshop files so you can edit them as much as you’d like!

You can post them, share them, or even use them on your projection slides. No credit needed. There is no watermark. We don’t hide any fine print. Feel free to use one or all of these graphics, so you look like a social media ninja without even opening photoshop or canva.

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