Titus Devotional for Students (for Free)

Titus Devotional

Here is a free Titus devotional for you to use for your church or youth ministry.

“I am not a leader!”  I hear this from young adults all the time. They often come to this conclusion because they don’t carry a title like pastor, boss, or captain. That doesn’t mean they’re not leading in their lives. Leadership is not a position; it’s a posture. 

Everyone reading this is a leader. Titus leads thousands in his ministry, so Paul spends much of his writing giving leadership advice. You may not be starting a church in ancient Europe, but you are certainly leading somewhere in your life. Whether it’s setting an example on a team, speaking to your social media following, encouraging people in a friend group, doing chores in your household, or even just building your own future, leadership is at the core of the Christian lifestyle. 

The Book of Titus can serve as a letter to all leaders. When we are studying the short book of Titus, we are reading a personal exchange between the Apostle Paul and his friend Titus. These two traveled together during some of Paul’s first missionary journeys, and now Paul is mentoring Titus as Titus starts a new ministry.

We created this free Titus Devotional to help students read the full Book of Titus while giving them practical principles to help them make a difference for Jesus.

This bundle includes:
— 5-day devotional on leadership lessons from Titus
— 5 graphics to reinforce the content on social media
— The Titus Devotional document in an editable version for you to customize for your church or student ministry.

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