Free Devotional for Students: The Beatitudes

Anyone who has had to pull off a book report at the last minute is familiar with Spark Notes. From Moby Dick to the Giver to Animal Farm, you can find famous pieces of literature condensed down to just a few pages using this resource. Simply put, Spark Notes are tiny summaries of massive works. They allow you to understand broad strokes of literary work without even having to crack the cover.

When Jesus was kicking off His ministry, He chose to deliver a Spark Notes presentation on the basic teachings of the Bible. He delivers dozens of short, bite-sized teachings designed to help his followers grasp the counter-cultural message of the gospel. Jesus weaves each teaching like a single thread to help Him present the tapestry of Christian living. In the longest sermon in Scripture, Jesus invites us to change our perspectives — seeing ancient publications with present applications.

The overarching message of this powerful passage is God’s holiness in comparison to our own inability. His points are direct and a little hard to swallow. Jesus compares hatred to murder, lust to adultery, and invites us to die to ourselves. We aren’t called to seek revenge, rather we are supposed to pray for our enemies. We aren’t supposed to build up our strength, rather we discover strength in weakness. Jesus calls us to live an upside-down life of humility, service, sacrifice, and holiness.

Jesus lays out several healthy habits that will help us transform our day-to-day lives. He proposed nearly a dozen “habits of happiness” that are designed to help you experience blessings by challenging your mindset. You are not going to experience something new by doing things the same, old way. The Sermon on the Mount will help you uncover a new way of living.

This message is not a mere prescription, rather it’s an invitation. It’s an invitation to let God’s love flow into every single facet of your life.

This eight-day devotional is designed to help students commit to the life-changing lessons taught by Jesus during his Sermon on the Mount.

When you download this resource, you will receive an eBook that includes eight devotionals on Matthew 5 created specifically for teens. You can use these as mini-devotionals to post on your Instagram, one bundle to give out as a spiritual growth resource, eight different blog posts, or you can use it within your own quiet time.

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