Free Beatitudes Devotional

Here is a free Beatitudes devotional for your church!

Anyone who has had to pull off a book report at the last minute is familiar with Spark Notes. From Moby Dick to Animal Farm, you can find famous pieces of literature condensed down to just a few pages using this resource. Simply put, Spark Notes are tiny summaries of massive works. They allow you to understand broad strokes of literary works without even having to crack the cover.

When Jesus was kicking off His ministry, He chose to deliver a Spark Notes presentation on the basic teachings of the Bible. This became his most famous sermon ever, The Sermon on the Mount.

Jesus lays out several healthy habits that will help us transform our day-to-day lives. He proposed nearly a dozen “habits of happiness” that are designed to help you experience blessings by challenging your mindset. You are not going to experience something new by doing things the same, old way. The Sermon on the Mount will help you uncover a new way of living.

This eight-day devotional is designed to help students commit to the life-changing lessons taught by Jesus during his Sermon on the Mount.

When you download this Beatitudes devotional, you will receive:

— An 8-Day devotional on the beatitudes
— 10 graphics to reinforce the devos on social media
— An editable eBook so you can customize the devotional for your students

This devotional is perfect for personal study, youth ministry, DNOW, youth group, youth retreats, or social media.

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This devotional is featured in the CIRCLES curriculum: A Year’s Worth of Free Sermon Series, Small Groups & Devotionals for Youth Ministry. Click here to view the full CIRCLES curriculum calendar and download sermon outlines, small group discussion guides and devotionals all for free.