Free Youth Series on Spiritual Warfare

Here is a free Spiritual Warfare Series for your youth group

This Spiritual Warfare series was created to help students learn that spiritual warfare is real, but it doesn’t look like the movies. It looks like temptation, discouragement, and false accusations. There is a real enemy who aims to seek, kill and destroy (John 10:10). His small lies can lead to big problems. Your students are dealing with these struggles even more than they realize. This sermon series will give them the tools to fight back and walk in victory every day.

The Spiritual Warfare Series Includes:

Sermon Series: ‘Angels and Demons’ includes 4 sermon scripts exploring the armor of God, deception, battles of the mind and victory.

Small Group Series: ‘Spiritual Warfare’ includes written messages and small group discussion guides that can be used in conjunction with the ‘Angels and Demons’ sermon series, or as four stand alone small groups.

Devotional: The ‘Armor of God’ 7-day devotional walks students through Ephesians 6, highlighting each piece of the armor of God.

Click the image below to view the Angels and Demons sermon series

Click the image below to view the Spiritual Warfare small group series

Click the image below to view the Armor of God Bible devotional

This youth series is featured in the CIRCLES curriculum: A Year’s Worth of Free Sermon Series, Small Groups & Devotionals for Youth Ministry. Click here to view the full CIRCLES curriculum calendar and download sermon outlines, small group discussion guides and devotionals all for free.


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  1. Is there a video for part 2? on your site there are two Part 1, Part 3, and a Part 4. Thank you.

  2. Hello! I will email you more information on this series and how it was filmed! Chat soon! – Jackson from FMR

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