Free Sermon Series on Exodus

Title: Free Exodus Sermon Series Main Text: Into the Wild Subtext: Book of Exodus

This free 3-part sermon series on Exodus will help your students learn to both endure and experience God in wilderness seasons of their lives.

Part 1: Entering the Wilderness: God’s Power

When Moses delivered Israel’s emancipation proclamation, the people found themselves on the fast track to freedom. They were no longer slaves. They were no longer enduring daily beatings. Israel was free! However, freedom from slavery didn’t mean freedom from difficult situations. As they fled Pharaoh, the caravan came to a screeching halt. The Red Sea roared before them. It was a massive barricade, especially with an entire army of Egyptians clamoring behind them. As we explore the wilderness journey of ancient Israel, we can learn three lessons from this story. Each should act as a source of encouragement when life sends you on a detour the long way through the wilderness.

Scripture: Exodus 14:13-16; 21-22

Part 2: Enduring the Wilderness: God’s Provision

When we left off, God’s people had just experienced a miracle at the Red Sea. They were on cloud nine as they danced towards their freedom and their Promised Land. However, there was a much larger obstacle than any sea in their way: the wilderness. By its sheer difficulty, it made the sea look like a stream. What was Israel to do? They had to learn to endure the wilderness.

Scripture: Exodus 16:2-4; Hebrews 11:1

Part 3: Embracing the Wilderness: God’s Presence

Last time, we dissected Israel’s physical provision in the wilderness. God supernaturally gave them food, water, and shelter. He provided for their physical needs, but that was only a small portion of God’s plan. Sure, God wanted them to rely on him for their physical needs. But, one goal was far more important: God wanted them to rely on Him for their spiritual needs. This is where we begin to see the treasure within the wilderness. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but that treasure is found in the true God.

Scripture: Exodus 25: 1-8; Exodus 5:1

This sermon series on Exodus was adapted from our Bible study on Exodus. Click here to view the Bible study. You might also like these free sermon series for youth. 

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