Free Sermon Series on Evangelism

This free 4-part sermon series on evangelism will encourage your students to share the gospel.

Part 1: Knowing the Gospel

This study is all about evangelism, which means sharing the good news of Jesus with people. However, what is our first step in evangelism? We need to ensure that we have experienced the gospel ourselves. You cannot truly share it without participating in it first. So, each and every one of us needs to ask the same question as Nicodemus, “how can I be born again?”
Scripture: John 3:16

Part 2: Sharing the Gospel

Evangelism may be a complex word, but it’s not complicated at all. John helps us see just how simple it can be by telling the story of Jesus and the woman at the well. We can follow Jesus’ example for evangelism simply by meeting people where they are, sharing a conversation with them, and pointing them to Jesus. You don’t need the perfect words or the best presentation because Jesus does the real work. You are just pointing people in the right direction.
Scripture: John 4:10-15

Part 3: Two Steps of Evangelism

John shares something amazing at the end of his story about Jesus and the woman at the well. After she experienced salvation, she also shared it. Salvation is worth sharing! You don’t have to be a scholar, a pastor, or have all the answers. You just need to share. It’s a simple conversation with supernatural ramifications. When you choose to share your faith with someone, you can change their life forever. So how do you share your faith? A good place to start is to share and declare. 
Scripture: John 4:39-41

Part 4: Showing the Gospel

The Apostle John uses the word “love” in almost every chapter of his book. Why? Because love is the driving force behind both the gospel and our response to the gospel. God loved us so much that he sent Jesus. Jesus demonstrated true love to the world. Now, we are commanded to walk in love every day. Love and evangelism are deeply intertwined, so focus on your affection more than presentation. We are all invited to cling to the magnificent message of John’s gospel. We share Christ by showing Christ-like love.
Scripture: John 13:34-35

This sermon series was adapted from our Evangelism Small Group Bible study. Click here to view the small group Bible Study. You might also like these free sermon series for youth.

Most of our series have been recorded and are available in our free video library! You can access those Bible study videos by clicking here.


— 4 sermon outlines (editable)
— Small group discussion guides for each sermon
— Bible reading plans for each sermon
— Sermon series branding graphics

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