Prayer Bible Study & Small Group

This free Prayer Bible study is designed to help students spend time with God in prayer. You can use this Prayer Bible study in your youth group, church gathering, or as a personal Bible study.

Here is how the Prayer Bible Study and Small Groups Break Down:
Week 1: Prayer Journaling

Sometimes, your relationship with God can feel long-distance because you can’t see Him or text Him like you do with everyone else who’s important in your life. Maybe you feel His presence at church or youth group, but then you leave for the week, and He begins to seem far away. But Jesus is not a distant God; He is an ever-present God who never has and never will leave you. Maybe you just need to try a new approach: writing to God in a prayer journal.
Scripture: Jeremiah 29:12-14

Week 2: How to Pray

We often approach the topic of prayer with the wrong perspective. We think about it in the context of getting what we want or controlling our situations— like God is a vending machine or a blue genie. Jesus set up a completely different, life-changing model for prayer in Matthew 6 during the Sermon on the Mount. The Lord’s Prayer teaches us how to rejoice, reflect and request in our prayer lives.
Scripture: Matthew 6:9-13

Week 3: What did you Expect?

Strive to pray with expectation because prayer changes things. It doesn’t always change your circumstances, but sometimes it does. Honest faith-filled prayers will always change the most important thing— you.
Scripture: Psalm 5:3

This free Prayer Bible study includes:

— 3 small group discussion guides on prayer
— Graphics to reinforce the messages on social media
— 7-day devotional on Powerful Prayers in the Psalms

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