Free Sermon on Obadiah

This free sermon on Obadiah studies Obadiah’s short prophecy about the people of Edom to help your students learn how to embrace humility, acceptance, and forgiveness.


The prophet Obadiah wrote a letter to deliver a harsh warning about the feud between the people of Edom and Israel. Their feud began thousands of years earlier with a fight between brothers that led the Edomites to hate the Israelites and lust for revenge. Their hatred turned to horror when Edom went on a Jewish killing spree in Jerusalem (Psalm 137:7; Obadiah 1:11-14). God appointed Obadiah to deliver a harsh prophecy that reveals three errors that can cause the downfall of us all.

1. Arrogance

Obadiah shares a harsh word from God to warn the Edomites about their arrogant attitudes. God despises arrogance. Thus, he promised to knock the Edomites off of their pedestal. Downfall was inevitable. Edom thought they were big shots, but God vowed to “make them small.” The same is true for us. 

2. Prejudice

The people of Edom were taught anti-Hebrew prejudice from a very young age. We can infer that it was part of their schooling and upbringing. Their hatred was generational. How do we know that? Because none of them were alive when Jacob and Esau were on the earth. They had learned their racism, leading to their destruction a millennium later. It grieves God when people judge someone by their appearance or by predisposed prejudice. We will keep this one simple. There is no room for racism, prejudice, or hatred in God’s Kingdom.

3. Vengeance

Fueled by hatred and prejudice, the people of Edom took every opportunity for vengeance against the people of Judah. They partnered with other armies, sent out spies, and allowed vengeance to become a core value in their culture. A life obsessed with revenge is a life wasted.
Scripture: Obadiah 1:2-3

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