Free Sermon on Nahum

This free sermon on Nahum studies Nahum’s warning to Nineveh to teach your students that justice will prevail because God is powerful, good, and just.


In this study, we will unpack the prophecies of Nahum, a minor prophet from the Southern Kingdom. Assyria was the undisputed world champion of war when Nahum was pastoring his rural congregation in ancient Israel. Humanity collectively cowered at the mention of Nineveh, the capital city. It stood as a monument of corruption, bloodshed, and wealth. The prophet Nahum wrote a short book to say something that raised a few eyebrows and blew a few minds. Assyria was going to be defeated by an underdog. While this is horrible for Assyria, it’s hopeful for Israel — and us. Nahum emphasizes God’s character to explain why justice will prevail. Let’s examine Nahum’s message as he describes three characteristics of God that give us assurance that justice will prevail. God is:

  1. Powerful
  2. Good
  3. Just

Scripture: Nahum 3:3-4, 7-8

This sermon is adapted from our small group Bible study on Nahum. Click here to view the Nahum small group Bible study. You might also like these free sermon series for youth.

Most of our series have been recorded and are available in our free video library! You can access those Bible study videos by clicking here.


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