Miracles Bible Study & Small Group Questions

The Gospel of Mark serves as a highlight reel of Jesus’s ministry and miracles. Using simple and compelling language, Mark shares supernatural stories from the ministry of his friend, Jesus. This free Miracles Bible study is designed to help students learn to recognize Jesus at work in their lives today.

You can use this Miracles Bible study in your youth group, church gathering, or as a personal Bible study on miracles.

Here is How the Miracles Bible Study and Small Groups Break Down:
Week 1: Jesus Heals

Jesus performs an incredible miracle in Mark 2. He heals a paralyzed man, both spiritually and physically. He forgives his sins and gives him the ability to walk! The paraplegic experienced two life-changing miracles because his friends had enough faith to carry him to Jesus. When you step out in faith, amazing things unfold. When Jesus saw the faith of these men, a miracle happened. Faith is a catalyst for the miraculous. It can lead to healing. It can lead to breakthrough. Faith can lead to unthinkable things. Are you missing out on something because you refuse to move in faith?
Scripture: Mark 2:1-9; 11

Week 2: Jesus Calms

Mark teaches that Jesus has the power to calm spine-chilling storms—even ones happening within your own life. We all experience metaphorical storms—loneliness, loss, and letdowns. This story shows that Jesus is right there through your storm, listening and ready to act. Within your storm, move closer to Jesus, and He will keep you safe.
Scripture: Mark 4:34-39

Week 3: God Multiplies

The feeding of the five thousand was a domino effect triggered by the donation of a young boy. The miracle of multiplication started with participation. Jesus could have easily made it rain chicken nuggets and honey mustard, but He didn’t do that. Instead, He invited a young kid and twelve followers to play a part in His miracle. God doesn’t just want you to witness His purpose; He invites you to take part in it. God doesn’t just want you to see miracles; He wants you to participate in them.
Scripture: Mark 6:32-44

Week 4: Jesus Walks on Water

Don’t miss the miracle. Don’t let distractions dominate you because you might miss what God is doing. When you position your focus on your problems, you will feel hopeless and helpless. However, when you proactively choose to look past your problems, you will begin to see Jesus more clearly. He’s right there with you. Even when your eyes aren’t on Jesus, His eyes are always on you.
Scripture: Mark 6:45-51

This small group Bible study was adapted from our sermon series on Miracles from the Gospel of Mark. Click here to view the Sermon Series. You might also like these free Bible Studies for youth.

This free Miracles Bible study includes:

— 4 small group discussion guides on miracles in the Gospel of Mark
— Graphics to reinforce the messages on social media
— Devotional on the Exodus 1-12

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