Mental Health Resources for Youth: Printable Checkup

Mental Health Resources for Youth

Mental Health Resources for Youth: Mental Health Checkup

“It’s already been a year?” You ask yourself before setting up a calendar reminder to visit the doctor’s office. They weigh you. The nurse takes your blood pressure. Then, they ask intrusive questions. Next, you are escorted into a little room with harsh light. While sitting on that cushioned table with a crinkly piece of white paper, you wait on the doctor to walk through the door. We understand the importance of yearly checkups for our health, right? These routines help prevent disease, promote well-being, and ensure we enjoy a healthy life.

However, when it comes to mental health, we often don’t even think about it until crisis hits. Whether it’s an inability to focus, an extended season of depression, dangerous thought patterns, or a full-fledged mental breakdown, people often wait until it’s too late. That is why we created some mental health resources for youth. This one is designed to help students evaluate when they need a mental health checkup.

If you ever preach on stress, anxiety, or emotional health (which you should), it’s pivotal to provide mental health resources to supplement your group’s experience. This one-pager was written with both spiritual and psychological applications in mind. This means that it doesn’t just address the spiritual problem of stress, we also affirm the importance of working with healthcare professionals as well.

This document is ready to print or customize! All you need to do is print, pass it out, and pray.

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