Free Graphics from Malachi

Here are some free graphics about Malachi that we made for your church! This graphics bundle highlights different lessons, thoughts, and Bible verses from the book of Malachi.


These free social media graphics are part of our CIRCLES small group curriculum designed to help students grow closer to God and each other.

Using a question-and-answer writing style, Malachi delivers some harsh yet constructive criticism to Israel. God’s voice in Malachi is stern and concerned. He wants His people to know that he empathizes with their struggle, but He doesn’t condone their behavior. They turned to false gods, took advantage of the weak, and mocked religious services. In reaction, God gave them a performance review through the prophet Malachi. Malachi gives us two principles to encourage us when we face God’s conviction and correction. 

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These free graphics on Malachi are all yours to use. Thus, you can post them, share them, or even use them on your projection slides. No credit needed. There is no watermark. We don’t hide any fine print. Feel free to use one or all of these graphics, so you look like a social media ninja without even opening photoshop or canva.

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