Leadership Bible Study & Small Group Questions

leadership bible study

This free leadership bible study is designed to help students see themselves as the leader God is calling them to be. You can use this leadership bible study in your youth group, church gathering, or as a personal Bible study on leadership.

This guide studies the life of an unlikely leader named Peter. Peter didn’t really stand out. People described him as an “uneducated, common man” in Acts 4:13. (Harsh, right?) He was a middle-class fisherman from Galilee. He didn’t come from a family with status. No one had great expectations for him. Peter wasn’t ambitiously pursuing a job with authority. His life was simple, and he was just an average guy. Then, he met Jesus. Jesus chooses Peter to lead, not because he is the most qualified, but because he is so bold and willing.

This leadership Bible study will help you see yourself as a bold, powerful leader as you study the life of Peter and watch him process doubts, overcome struggles, and defeat anxiety as he develops into a leader who changes the world.


Week 1: Get out of the Boat
What is preventing you from taking a bold step towards what God is calling you to do? Whether it’s fear of failure, clinging to comfort or uncertainty that is holding you back, moving towards your calling is worth the risk.
Scripture: Matthew 14:25-31

Week 2: It’s Bigger than You
As Christians, we are called to use our influence for a greater purpose. We don’t seek leadership positions for the fame, self-promotion, or clout. We are on a mission to make Jesus famous. If you want to have a real impact, focus on the bigger picture.
Scripture: Acts 2:5-6; 12-14

Week 3: Stress Doesn’t have to Make you a Mess
God has called you to be a leader, but He hasn’t called you to endure the pressures of leadership on your own. God wants to set you free from the overwhelming anxiety, worry, stress and doubts that are preventing you from pursuing your purpose.
Scripture: Philippians 4:6-9

Week 4: Get Back Up!
Regardless of our failures, shortcomings, and mistakes, Jesus will give us another chance. When you get things wrong, just come back to Jesus. He will restore the relationship and help you grow from your failure. Let your failures move you forward.
Scripture: John 21: 14-17


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