Leadership Small Group for Students

Leadership small group

Do you need a leadership small group guide for your church or youth group? We made one just for you!

This leadership small group was written by following the life and ministry of Peter. Throughout the New Testament, we get to see Peter grow in his relationship with God and become one of the strongest leaders of all time. He may have been inexperienced and uneducated, but his boldness brought about major breakthroughs. Jesus chooses Peter to be a leader, not because he is the most qualified, but because he is the most willing.

Jesus is calling every teenager to be a leader, too. No matter where you come from, what you’ve experienced, or what others expect you to accomplish, you are a leader in God’s eyes. It’s our hope that you will also begin to see yourself as a bold, powerful leader as you study the life of Peter and watch him process doubts, overcome struggles, and defeat anxiety as he develops into a leader who changes the world.

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