Leadership Devotional for Students

Leadership Devotional

Here is a free leadership devotional for your students!

What comes to mind when you think of a leader? Most of us imagine a captivating communicator standing on stage while people hang on their every word. While charisma is important, it’s just one ingredient in the recipe for leadership.

Character is at the core of good leadership. Character is crucial, because it builds trust and makes people feel safe.

Here are practical principles to help you build your character: 
— Keep your promises.
— Be honest even when it’s hard.
— Boldly do what’s right.
— Look for the best in people.
— Focus on benefiting the group, not yourself.
— Lead like Jesus— humbly, whole-heartedly, and honesty.

We believe that every student should be encouraged in their God-given gifts. They must understand that they are called, they have a purpose, and they can make a difference in the world. So, we created this Leadership Devotional — an 8-Day devotional that encourages students to be better leaders.

This leadership devotional bundle includes:
— 8 Day Leadership Lessons Devotional
–18 graphics that reinforce the content on social media in two different styles
— An editable version of the leadership devotional for your church

Here are two other resources to help your students become better leaders: Titus Devotional & Student Circles: Monthly Devotional Guides for Students.     

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