Free Sermon Series on Lamentations: #STRUGGLES

Lamentations Sermon Series

This 3-part free sermon series on Lamentations will help your students learn that life is hard, but God is good.

Part 1: The Struggle

Today we are going to examine a book called Lamentations. The verb “lament” basically means to “cry.” This complex part of the Bible is all about mourning in the face of suffering. It’s not designed to give us easy answers or minimize your pain. Lamentations should give us hope when life hurts, because it doesn’t try to say that life is always easy. It claims the exact opposite. Verse by verse, it’s unapologetic in its message — “life hurts.” Which leads us to a crucial question. What do we do when life hurts? Let’s examine the words of Jeremiah in Lamentations for some clues to help us confront crisis.
Scripture: Lamentations 3:19-22a

Part 2: The Solution to Suffering

We are going to examine the most hope-filled verse in Lamentations. This little verse shines like a diamond in the rough. It’s a glimmer of light in the middle of a mess. What’s the reason for this surprisingly optimistic passage? After proclaiming the name of God, Jeremiah’s perspective began to shift. What did Jeremiah cling to during crisis? God’s character. Cling to God’s character when you face crisis.
Scripture: Lamentations 3:22-24

Part 3: The Solution to Isolation

We discussed the tragedy of the destruction of Jerusalem as witnessed by Jeremiah. Well, the Israelites managed to rebuild and grow even stronger. King Solomon rebuilt the massive religious complex after its first destruction by the Babylonians. It was new and improved and represented their strength as a nation. Things took a tragic turn though. Just like during the time of Jeremiah, the temple was destroyed yet again. The Hebrews experienced the collective suffering of the siege, so they isolated themselves. Their pain led to isolation and their isolation led to loneliness. We tend to follow the same cycle. But when we face hardship, we should cling to fellowship.
Scripture: Hebrews 12:1

This sermon series was adapted from our small group Bible study on Lamentations. Click here to view the #Struggles small group Bible Study on Lamentations. You might also like these free sermon series for youth.


— 3 sermon outlines (editable)
— Small group discussion guides for each sermon
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