Friendship Bible Study & Small Group

This free Friendship Bible study is designed to help students develop God-honoring relationships. You can use this Friendship Bible study in your youth group, church gathering, or as a personal Bible study.

Here is how the Friendship Bible Study and Small Groups Break Down:
Week 1: The Foundation of Love

God is the foundation of all love. In order to love others the best you can, you need to start with understanding love at its source: Jesus. Plug into the source of love by spending time with Jesus. Pray, read the Bible, and go to youth group. You will see yourself, your life, and your relationships flourish when you begin to live from a place of godly love.
Scripture: 1 John 4:7-11

Week 2: Influence

Jesus demonstrated kindness, tenderheartedness, and forgiveness in all His relationships on Earth and into eternity. As we continue to push towards being like Christ, we should be a living demonstration of His kindness, tenderheartedness, and forgiveness to our friends, families, and even strangers.
Scripture: Ephesians 4:32

Week 3: Forgiveness

Some of you have been harboring unforgiveness in your hearts for so long that it’s starting to consume you. Maybe someone said something. Maybe you trusted someone and they let you down. Whatever it is, it’s pivotal to start the process of forgiveness. You cannot fully live until you forgive.
Scripture: Colossians 3:13

This free Friendship Bible study includes:

— 3 small group discussion guides on friendship
— An editable version of the small group guide

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