This free 3-part sermon series on spiritual discipline challenges students to commit to three spiritual disciplines every day: prayer, reading the Bible, and community. 

This is how the spiritual discipline sermon series breaks down:
Part 1: Prayer

Every influential person in scripture lived a life positioned in prayer. The act of prayer is transformational and foundational because it leads us into communion with God. We simply speak His name and He joins us wherever we are. God can meet us anywhere — even in the belly of a fish. We are going to discover a life-giving model for prayer by studying the prayers of Jonah.
Scripture: Jonah 2:1-10, Psalm 30:3, Psalm 42:7

Part 2: Reading the Bible

When David says God’s word is a light to his path, he is saying that scripture takes away the fear and anxiety of walking through life in the dark. We may not know exactly where our path is going, but we know that we are safe and secure if our next step is in line with God’s will. The Bible gives us an outline for life. It allows us to uncover our purpose and identity that point us where we are meant to go in life.  
Scripture: Psalm 119:105

Part 3: Community

You were created for community. Both nature and scripture attest to this fact. We are going to emphasize the importance of community by examining both practical examples in nature and life-changing teachings in scripture. 
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:5-6

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When you download this sermon series on spiritual discipline, you receive:

— 3 editable sermon scripts
— 3 small group guides and Bible reading plans to accompany each sermon
— Fill-in-the-blank student handouts for each sermon
— Branding graphics pack

Watch the Sermon Series:

Pastor Jackson Garrell of Sanford, NC preached this 3-part sermon series. Listen to the messages here:

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