Free Youth Ministry Volunteer Handbook

Here is a free youth ministry volunteer handbook!

First impressions are a big deal. From a firm handshake to intentional eye contact to a kind statement, a first impression can make or break a new connection. We put a lot of effort into making good first impressions for our students. We greet them, offer them snacks, give them gifts, and strive to ensure they’re oriented well.

However, we often don’t give the same intentionality to one of the most vital aspects of our ministries — our leaders. A clearly written handbook is a great start to making a valuable first impression. After all, this person has committed to partnering with you, helping students grow, and sacrificing their time. We should be sure they’re both rewarded and oriented as they begin.

After creating hundreds of resources designed for students, we have had a lot of requests for leadership-specific resources. How do we help our leaders, onboard them, and set them up for success?

We experience success when our leaders are set up for success. That’s why we created this youth ministry volunteer handbook. It’s so much more than a list of tasks. This document helps you welcome new leaders, onboard them with thought-provoking questions, lay out expectations, and give them tips for leading well.

This is how the youth ministry volunteer handbook breaks down:

Section 1: Welcome to the Team!

We are thrilled to have you as our newest youth ministry leader! Volunteers like you play a vital role in this ministry so we are extremely thankful that you felt called to serve these students. We hope to help you find a role in this ministry where you find fulfillment from using your gifts to lead students closer to Jesus and each other.

Section 2: Leadership Expectations

All of our leaders gain valuable influence in these students’ lives. Since your students look up to you, everything you do, say, and post on social media impacts the way they think about Jesus. Together, we hope to set an example of what a Christian community looks like while giving students a place to belong, find friendship, and encounter God.

Section 3: How to be a Successful Small Group Leader

Small groups play such an important role in helping your students grow closer to God and each other. We want to give you the tools you need to disciple students, connect with them, and steer the conversation in a God-honoring direction.

Section 4: A Preparation Checklist for the Day of Youth Group

What does a leader need to do in preparation for group, during group, and before they leave? We break down a sample preparation checklist in the last section. Feel free to edit this to match the rules and routines of your own ministry.

This free youth ministry volunteer handbook resource includes:

-A ready-to-print PDF
-An editable pages document to customize the information
-An editable cover to customize with your ministry’s name