Romans 8 Devotional (Free)

Here is a free Romans 8 devotional!

Romans 8 is one of the most quoted chapters in Scripture. Paul’s powerful words have a way of resonating with Christians so deeply that they end up on IG posts, coffee mugs, wall art and even tattoos. We created this resource to help students understand the context and meaning of Romans 8.

Romans 8 teaches that God adopted you and me into His family.  Adoption is a beautiful thing. A family decides to take in a child as their own — loving them, caring for them, and treating them as they would their own child. It gets me emotional just thinking about it. This child had no home, but now they do. This child had no parents, but now they do. It’s a beautiful picture of selflessness, sacrifice, and the gospel.

Heaven is now your home. God is now your father. You aren’t just His child, you’re His adopted child. He chose you. The only reasonable response to this revelation is whole-hearted praise and gratitude.

This five day devotional is designed to help students find hope in Jesus.

When you download the Romans 8 devotional, you receive:

— A five day devotional to help you find hope in Christ
— An editable eBook version so you can customize the devos to your ministry

You can use these as mini-devotionals to post on your Instagram, one bundle to give out as a spiritual growth resource, five different blog posts, or you can use it within your own quiet time.

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